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A social event for JavaScript
developers and designers

gin.js is an event for JavaScript people to meet and talk. Like the fun part after an event, without anything beforehand. There are no presentations or set agendas.

Next gin.js London UK - Thu Nov 26th 2015

The next gin.js is at 7:30PM on Thursday November 26th in Shoreditch. Register for the full address.


Follow @ginjs_london for updates, announcements, and so we know who you are!

For anyone who makes things with JavaScript

gin.js is for anyone who makes things with JavaScript - developers and designers, front end people, node people, and people learning.

Code of conduct: attendees must be respectful to other attendees, sponsors and organisers. If you feel someone is not doing this, let the organizers (usually the person who greeted you) know. We will take your concerns seriously. We have lovely attendees and have never had to do so, but we do reserve the right to politely ask people to leave if they act against the spirit of this code.

Recruiters are not welcome.


gin.js is organised by Mike MacCana. If you'd like to get in touch, you can email Mike.


If your company needs to reach developers directly - for recruiting, to show off your API, or any other reason - sponsoring gin.js is a proven and cost effective way to reach out not just attendees but to the whole London JavaScript community.

Sponsors are asked to note the code of conduct - we have a lot of sponsorship offers, and we like to pick companies that align with our own values. If that sounds like your company, please get in touch.